We offer a wide range of commercial facility services and can take on facilities of any size, no matter how big or small. We have years of experience cleaning facilities in even the most niche industries and customize your plan to meet your direct needs. Check out why Partner Facility Solutions is right for your commercial facility. 

  • Why should I work with Partner Facility Solutions?

    We are an industry leader with over 30 years of combined experience serving commercial facilities just like yours. Our dedication to training, open and clear communication, accountability, consistency, safety, and green cleaning practices are just part of what makes us different from our competitors. We also have motivated people with hard-working attitudes on the front lines and behind the scenes to ensure that your experience with Partner Facility Solutions is always excellent. 

  • How does your pricing compare with competitors?

    While we may not be the least expensive cleaning company around, we are committed to providing high-quality commercial cleaning service at the best value. With our high employee retention rate, consistent quality cleaning, commitment to ongoing training, quality assurance procedures, and strong emphasis on communication and accountability, you’ll find that we bring you the best value for price in New England. 

  • Is Partner Facility Solutions able to provide services other than general cleaning?

    Yes! We offer a wide range of specialty facility services, including but not limited to:

    • Janitorial Services
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Floor Stripping-Waxing
    • Floor Buffing
    • Deep Cleaning
    • Day Porter Services
    • Restroom Sanitation
    • Window Cleaning
    • Power Washing
    • Grout Cleaning
    • Light Duty Maintenance
  • What property types do you serve?

    We serve a variety of property types in private and public industries such as: 

    • Commercial Properties 
    • Education Facilities 
    • Health Care Facilities 
    • Manufacturing Facilities 
    • Food Manufacturing 
    • Government Facilities 
    • Industrial Facilities 
    • Financial Institutions 
    • Vehicle Dealerships 
    • Retail Stores 

    And so much more! Contact us today and learn what we can do for your commercial facility! 

  • Does your staff receive any specialty training?

    Our cleaners are thoroughly trained in cleaning, safety, security and customer service best practices. We also provide specialty training for cleaning sterile environments such as healthcare facilities.  

  • How do we identify your crew members?

    We recognize that it’s important to know who’s who in your facility. That’s why every Partner Facility Solutions employee is required to wear a Partner Facility Solutions uniform and picture ID badge at all times. 

  • Do you provide all supplies and equipment?

    Partner Facility Solutions in general provides all cleaning supplies and equipment, except when the client chooses otherwise. We also provide any personal protective equipment that is needed by our employees when servicing your facility. 

  • Who will be responsible for the keys to our building?

    At Partner Facility Solutions we require that employees sign a form indicating they are responsible for the keys to your building. If an employee quits or is terminated, they must immediately return all keys to our office. All our employees are screened, and CORI cleared. Partner Facility Solutions carries all necessary insurances for your peace of mind. 

  • What if something is broken?

    If our team accidentally breaks or damages something they are trained and required to leave a note and notify staff at the site as well as their supervisor before leaving the building. The supervisor will then promptly notify you. Our office staff will then be in contact with you to execute replacing and/or repairing the designated damages and guaranteeing your satisfaction. 

  • Are you insured and bonded?

    We have all the required insurances and are properly bonded. To ensure the safety of operations we are insured for Commercial General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Automobile Liability, and Umbrella Liability. 

  • How many employees will be cleaning my building?

    This will vary depending on the size of your building and scope of work. Our crews usually consist of 2 to 4 employees. 

  • What happens if something in our facility is not cleaned to our satisfaction?

    We strive to bring our clients nothing but the best, if you feel that we could have done better, please call our office at (617) 553-4862 or your designated Facility Manager with any concerns you may have. A manager or supervisor will thoroughly evaluate, formulate and present you with a plan of action for correction. If needed, we will send a management staff to visit your building to assess the situation and make the necessary adjustments to correct and resolve any issues and bring you 100% satisfaction.

  • Do you use green cleaning chemicals?

    Partner Facility Solutions understands the importance of protecting the environment. We favor Green Cleaning products and practices and offer this to our clients. We clean all our buildings using many green-certified chemicals and sustainable practices. Through our facility supplies distribution, we also make the best green cleaning products available to our clients. Please contact us at (617) 553-4862 for more details.  

  • Do your crews speak English?

    The need to respond during emergency situations, understand cleaning requests and be able to properly and effectively communicate with the client is essential to ensure quality work and a successful relationship. With that in mind, Partner Facility Solutions hires non-discriminatory site supervisors, on and off-site managers and day custodians who can speak, read and write English. We are committed to putting all efforts to recruit cleaners who are able to speak English. To meet this challenge, we encourage and offer English classes to our employees so they can improve their English.