Healthcare Facilities

We proudly offer our facility services to the healthcare industry and are trained in healthcare-specific cleaning practices. Healthcare facilities are among some of the strictest when it comes to cleaning standards, something that cannot be accomplished by anyone. 

Healthcare Commercial Cleaning

Complete Coverage

Healthcare facilities by nature require strict cleanliness standards to be met, making them challenging and tedious to accomplish on your own, which is why we are dedicated to training our staff in healthcare-certified cleaning practices. We have been trained by the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) in best practices, and consistently exceed healthcare standards for cleanliness with our clients. 

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and Clinics

No facility requires top-level, professional commercial cleaning services like hospitals and clinics. Trust Partner Facility Solutions to maintain the highest standards for your urgent care facilities, outpatient centers, and more.

Medical and Dental Offices

Medical and dental offices and rooms require meticulous cleaning in between each patient, and our staff is able to get in and out with speed and precision, keeping your staff on track when it comes to making their appointments on time.  

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offices see patients of all ages with many different conditions. Our customizable processes are perfect for physical therapy offices, and we can cover your entire facility, workout equipment included! 

Veterinary Clinics

All areas of an animal care facility must be sterilized on a regular basis to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. A regular cleaning schedule for your veterinary clinic from trained professionals is the best solution.