Government Facilities

Serving both private and public industries makes us the ideal facility service partner for government facilities of all kinds. Our staff are incredibly professional and are trained to respect client privacy and use discretion when working in facilities that handle sensitive information or work, as is typical with government spaces. In addition, we are a Statewide Contractor, which reassures governmental entities that they are dealing with a company that will save them time and money, by having state-negotiated prices, and allowing you to skip bid solicitation processes. 

Government Commercial Cleaning

Professionalism is Key

From city halls to police stations, courthouses, and politician offices, we are experienced working in the governmental industry. You need a commercial cleaning partner that you can trust and rely on, and with Partner Facility Solutions you get that. Not only are we experts in facility services and cleaning, but we are masters at practicing jobsite confidentiality, ensuring that your facilities are consistently stunning and secure.  

Government Facilities

Police and Fire Stations

Police and fire stations are known for seeing a lot of traffic. We can take care of your desk areas, waiting rooms, holding cells, and more.  

Hospitals and Clinics Cleaning Services

City Halls

City halls are both a workplace and community resource, and we can handle these facilities with ease.  


We can take care of both publicly accessible areas such as jury waiting areas and check-in stations, as well as Judges chambers and courtrooms. 

Other Buildings

Whether you need cleaning services in your senior care facility, library, or other government building, our staff can clean and service government offices of all types.