We invest in the newest, most advanced training technology available. Our staff is highly trained in general and niche industry cleaning practices and standards, using the most innovative technology that has been proven to result in expert staff. 

Partner Facility Solutions Training

Investing in Our People

Our staff members are trained using the most advanced courses and technology around. Investing in our people and processes is crucial to our success and allows us to bring our customers the best commercial facility services. We take the time to thoroughly train every team member, guaranteeing that no matter who manages your facility’s cleaning services, you will be taken care of by experts. 

Training Technology We Use

Hands-On Seminars

Our employees participate in a variety of hands-on seminars that improve essential skills for first-time managers and supervisors. 

Leadership Support

We offer leadership opportunities in every department, and our staff take training courses that support their leadership success. 

Core Communication

We invest heavily in maintaining the highest communication standards and conflict resolution policies to make sure our team is composed of excellent communicators.  

Training Videos

All of our new hires are provided with in-depth training resources that acquaint them with Partners Facility Solutions as a company, direct them to best practices, and ensure that our core values are upheld.  

Staff Feedback

Not only do we conduct annual reviews for every cleaning staff member, but field workers review management and corporate to optimize operations and promote a productive, positive workplace. 

Equipment Training

Every staff member undergoes thorough training in operating and maintaining all of the machinery and equipment we use, ensuring they perform highly and safely on every job. 

Industry Compliance

All of our training programs and methods are in compliance with various organizations and standards including the BSCAI, the ISSA, CIMS, and OSHA. 

Public and Private School Cleaning

Safety Training

We always prioritize safety, and our staff are trained in proper health and safety precautions when handling or disposing of various chemicals and waste and train them in proper PPE usage.