At Partner Facility Solutions, we invest in the most cutting-edge and efficient cleaning technology available, across the board. When it comes to training and equipment, we are constantly striving to be disruptive and innovative, which allows us to bring our clients the best possible facility service experience. Check out the many ways we integrate technology into Partner Facility Solutions. 

Commercial Cleaning Training


We invest in high-quality training technology that encourages best practices when it comes to all types of commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Because of these investments our staff members are qualified to take on your facility services with precision. 

Equipment and Chemicals

Top-notch results cannot be accomplished without high-end equipment and chemicals, which is why we invest in the latest technology when it comes to all of our equipment and chemicals. From vacuums to carpet shampooers, we spare no resources investing in the highest quality equipment that features the latest technology in commercial cleaning. All of our cleaning chemicals are EPA-registered and OSHA compliant. 


Our custom-focused comprehensive cleaning plan uses an         8-checkpoint process that ensures your highest satisfaction. Offering professional and high-standard facility work does not happen by chance. In addition to our cleaning experts, Partner Facility Solutions has designed and implemented a set series of actions and procedures it conducts, from the initial contact until after operations have been started. Learn about each stage of our 8-checkpoint process. 

Inspection Services


No job is complete without our thorough, multi-level electronic inspection process at the end to guarantee that all your facility needs and standards have been met with 100% satisfaction. We integrate cuttingedge technology that allows us to inspect and evaluate our work with precision and accuracy, avoiding any details being swept under the rug. 

Green Cleaning

We are committed to practicing green cleaning procedures and integrating green cleaning technology across the board. When it comes to the products we use and the processes we practice, we use the latest technology that allows us to be a sustainable company.