Our customer-focused comprehensive cleaning plan uses an              8-checkpoint process that ensures your highest satisfaction.

Inspection Services

Meticulous 8-Point Checkpoint Process

Offering professional and high-standard facility work does not happen by chance. In addition to our cleaning experts, Partner Facility Solutions has designed and implemented a set series of actions and procedures it conducts, from the initial contact until after operations have been started. This standardized procedure is a fundamental aspect of the company’s operations, as it sets a clear guideline of actions ensuring consistent results. Having procedures in place is also important for the client, who can be informed on the steps they will go through and what they should be expecting from each phase of the process. 

Our 8-Point Checkpoint Process 

Selective Hiring and Screening 

Partner Facilities Solutions has a selective and comprehensive screening for applicants who are both highly motivated to do this unique type of work and have the right attitude and the necessary experience we require in a candidate. This allows for maintaining a safe and functioning environment. 

Public and Private School Cleaning

Thorough Employee Training 

Before starting work, Partner Facility Solutions employees undergo an extensive process to ensure excellency. On-the-job demonstration of our methods by observing and correcting the new employee’s work alongside comprehensive and ongoing training ensures the most effective personnel are servicing your company. 

Initial Contact: Understanding our Clients’ Needs 

Partner Facilities Services understands the challenges and dynamics of day-to-day cleaning operations. We feel comfortable reaching out to our future customers to understand their pain points and needs. Then it is a matter of adapting our work to different buildings, businesses, schedules, and environments, with one objective: Providing the customer with the most value in our services. 

Walkthrough Visit 

Over the years, our clients have found the most value in setting up an appointment with the Sales team for a walkthrough visit to the facilities. This ensures our team can inspect every inch of the facility to determine the best practices and solutions. It is also a fundamental step for drafting the most accurate quote for the client, as every nuance is analyzed and included in the proposal. 

Facilities Services Proposal 

Partner Facility Solutions goal is to provide honest cleaning services to the customer. To ensure we do so, Partner Facilities uses an algorithm that dictates the price of the service. Some variables that go into the equation are the type of service, cleanable size, and frequency, to name a few. This enables our team to construct proposals that address the customer’s needs at a fair price to them, while yielding the most value in the industry. 

Start-up Meeting 

After the contract is signed and the deal is sealed, congratulations, you are a Partner too! To ensure that the operations will go smoothly, we schedule a meeting with the client so that our Operations team can come to the location. It is a vital appointment as they gain a deeper understanding of the areas that need the most improvement, how to operate existing alarm and key systems, and the nuances of the facilities. Ultimately this meeting is for the client to address any remaining topics and be heard regarding their preference on how services will be performed. 

Electronic Inspections 

After kick-starting the operations, the next step is to conduct our Electronic Inspections. We use a Mobile Inspection System and regular communication for rapid responses. The inspection program is designed and customized for each building. Any deficiencies that we identify in our inspections are reported to clients for review and passed on to the proper employees. They will take corrective action to rectify any problem or issue. Responses are written and prepared immediately; our goal will be to address any small problems right away before they become big problems. 

Managers’ Weekly Visits 

Although we are in constant contact with our clients to overcome any obstacles, our company understands the value of having frequent meetings between clients and managers. This is the designated time after operations are set; to retrieve feedback and collect clients’ input. This is an excellent opportunity for the customer to express any discontent, areas that will need work, or general feedback. It is important to have this contact as Partner Facility Solutions strives for continuous improvement, and the best method is to listen to the people we serve.