Our post-job inspections are a proven and vital part of our process and are made possible by technology that allows us to examine our work deeper than the surface level, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Improved Accuracy

The use of technology throughout our inspection process allows us to provide accurate, consistent results. At the end of every job, we have multiple different team members complete thorough inspections using various tools and equipment that allow us to visually and quantitively verify that each job is completed with total success. 

Inspection Tech

InspectaClean App

The InspectaClean mobile app is an advanced software that allows us to create customized inspections that are tailored to each facility’s specific standards and access the data in real-time from any supported device. 

Public and Private School Cleaning

Thorough Training

Every staff member participates in detailed training courses that cover best practices when conducting quality control inspections. 


There is a supervisor or manager on-site during every facility service we conduct, ensuring that the job is done to perfection, and they conduct their own secondary inspection at the end. 

OSHA Compliance

Our quality control inspections meet all OSHA standards when it comes to facility safety and cleanliness. 

Quality Control Reports

At the end of every job, we conduct an inspection report, which is available to facility owners and management for their peace of mind. 

Janitorial Services

Rapid Reporting

In the event that any deficiencies are identified, our staff reports it to their manager, who promptly communicates the information to facility management. 

Equipment Inspections

We conduct routine inspections on all equipment being used by our staff, ensuring that it is operating optimally. 

Multi-Step Processes

Regardless of what type of service being conducted, all jobs are met with a multi-step inspection by multiple members of our team to guarantee customer satisfaction.