Educational Facilities

We have been cleaning and servicing educational facilities for years and are well-versed in the ins and outs of working in these spaces. Our staff are incredibly professional, and we offer after-hours services to provide the least disruption to staff and students. 

Education Commercial Cleaning Services

Keeping Schools Clean

Our work in educational facilities is fully customizable to tackle every need, and we have the ability to manage your entire facility. We can cover classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, outdoor picnic areas, play equipment, and more. Partner Facility Solutions has your educational facility covered from floor to ceiling.  

Educational Facilities


Need a reliable professional to sanitize and disinfect the surfaces in your daycare facility? Our daycare cleaning services help ensure a safe environment for staff and students without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.


A secondary education facility should not receive second-rate cleaning services. Keep your higher learning institution safe and sanitized with our academy cleaning services.

Public and Private School Cleaning

Private and Public Schools

We provide cleaning services for both private and public schools. Put the health of your student body and staff at the forefront with janitorial and custodial services from Partner Facility Solutions.

Hospitals and Clinics Cleaning Services


Our on-campus cleaning services will keep your university safe and sanitary for students and faculty alike. Keeping it pristine and clean will foster a healthy and welcoming environment for your university.