Who We Are

Partner Facility Solutions was built to be customer-focused and quality-driven. Our hardworking team is proud to have been bringing businesses and facilities across many New England industries the highest quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services around. When you choose Partner Facility Solutions you are guaranteed top-tier facility services that cannot be beaten – here’s who makes it possible! 

Leonardo Sousa

CEO and Founder

Mr. Sousa is the Founder of Partner Facility Solutions. After working in the facility services sector for six years, it became clear that companies were far from providing the perfect solution, and to achieve so, it would need significant improvements to be made in order to offer professional services that met customer standards. Since then, he has worked relentlessly to bring his vision of a company that offers quality cleaning and is focused on the consumer to life. In 2012 Partner Facility Solutions was founded. Visionary and detail-oriented, he has spared no resources in transforming the company into one of the region’s most recognized facility service providers. Furthermore, his growth mentality incentivizes every team member to perform at his best and according to PFS standards, with one goal: Offering spotless cleaning with a happy client. 

Nathalia De Oliveira


Ms. De Oliveira is the example of a Powerful Leadership. She embodies the company’s honesty and communication. Her work is vital in coordinating all team to thrive in their duties, assuring the quality services and the highest customer satisfaction. Moreover, she acts as the engine of the organization, leading by example and ensuring everyone is prepared and capable of performing their work while keeping the culture of the organization vibrant and fruitful.

Ricardo Pereira

Vice President & Partner

Mr. Pereira is the Vice President of Partner Facility Solutions. His history is one of the greatest successes in New England. Coming from Brazil to the United States, he managed to grow from cleaning operations all the way to becoming a highly accomplished business owner. With his extreme charisma and high energy, he motivates the team members and spreads his happiness to the clients. He is completely immersed in operations and thanks to long years of field experience and a superior understanding of daily dynamics, he quickly assesses clients’ needs and requirements and encompasses PFS solutions.

Mauricio Fonseca

Sales Coordinator

Mauricio Fonseca is a Hult International Business School graduate, with a major in Entrepreneurship. His biggest passion is assisting others through the power of business. In the role of sales coordinator, he promotes PFS services across New England allowing people to receive the excellent facility service they deserve. He is always looking for disruptive, innovative solutions for current problems, carrying Partner’s spirit and commitment to continuous innovation and improvement.

Andressa Duarte

Client Relations Coordinator

Andressa’s passion for creating solutions to improve the clients life is one of the reasons for her rapid ascend to Client Relations Position. Her work is to establish open and direct line with the costumers, gathering feedback and ideas, in order to maintain the operations running smoothly. Through her charisma and attentiveness to details, she is heavily involved in the operations making sure all comments and concerns are heard, and no dust is swept under the rugs, as her main goal is to provide Clients peace of mind, while performing better services by the day.

Anie Oliveira

Hr, Payroll & Billing Coordinator

Anie Oliveira is the HR, Payroll & Billing Coordinator at Partner Facility Solutions. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and HR concentration from Bridgewater State University, Anie brings seven years of HR experience supporting a large organization. She has a firm commitment to enhancing HR efficiency, through standardize procedures and kindness. With a strong compliance background and adept project management skills, Anie is poised to streamline our operations and drive excellence in HR administration.

Galba Costa

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Costa has over ten years of administrative experience and is devoted to simplifying the company’s operations. Due to her communicative and determined nature, she is able to help others to succeed by understanding team members’ and customers’ actual needs and tackling the issues to the core.

Diogo Barreira

QC & Operations Coordinator

Mr. Barreira is hard-working and passionate about results. He is always looking for the most efficient way to conduct projects and achieve customer satisfaction. He is continually engaged in new training for the team and himself to take the greatness in operations to a top knot level.

Cleber Silva

Site Manager 

Cleber Silva is our Site Manager. In his role, he is on the front line of facility services, monitoring and inspecting how the services are being performed. One of Mr. Silva’s many key differentiators is his ability to command teams. In his day-to-day operations, he leads by example, setting high quality standards and expectations for crew members.