Finding the Right Carpet Cleaning Routine

January 2, 2022

Finding the right carpet cleaning routine for your facility will depend on a multitude of factors, including facility size, daily traffic flows, the type of work being performed in the facility, and personal preference. If you have a large facility that spans many levels, you may want to divide up the floors throughout several days to avoid major disruptions. Likewise, if you have a smaller facility, you can get the job done in merely a few hours. More traffic throughout the facility means more frequent carpet cleaning, and so on and so forth. Your facility’s perfect carpet cleaning routine is out there, you just have to know how to pinpoint it.

Spot Cleaning Your Carpets

Spot cleaning is your best friend when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. You should be doing deep carpet cleaning routinely, but spot carpet cleaning is excellent for maintaining the general cleanliness and appearance of your facility for the day to day. If you have high traffic throughout the days, you should spot clean daily. To reduce the number of disruptions to your operations, do your spot carpet cleaning before or after hours when customers and most employees are not present. Your team may not always be able to stop and clean, and spot carpet cleaning allows you to take care of any major spills, stains, or buildup in the meantime until you can conduct deep, thorough cleaning. Spot carpet cleaning can include vacuuming or quick carpet shampooing, whatever is needed to pick up any noticeable spills or stains. It will also help prevent deep stains that are near-impossible to get out by taking care of them before they have time to “set” into the carpet.

Deep Carpet Cleaning: Know Your Schedule

Determining the right deep carpet cleaning schedule can be difficult. Should you conduct the work after business hours or during? Will it take multiple days? How disruptive will it be to operations? The answers to these questions will depend on personal preference and vary between facilities. In order to minimize interruptions, it is suggested that you conduct deep cleaning outside of your business hours. Deep carpet cleaning requires the use of both vacuums and shampooing machines, which can be loud and disruptive. On that same note, the carpet cannot be walked on for a period of time until it has fully dried, because of this you should consider carpet shampooing at night to allow for ample drying time.

When it comes to how often you should be deep carpet cleaning your floors, consider how much traffic your facility sees on a daily and weekly basis, noting any patterns to determine the best time to get the job done. If your facility operates in a “messy” industry such as construction where dirt and debris are being tracked around, you are going to want to deep clean your carpets at least once a week, with diligent spot mopping throughout the week to prevent irreversible stains. If your facility deals more with office work and corporate meetings, you can likely get away with a bi-weekly deep carpet cleaning routine. Your carpet cleaning routine depends on your specific facility operations and preferences.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Cleaning

Knowing when and how to conduct your carpet cleaning should not be a major stress-point for your facility. One thing is for certain: you cannot go wrong with cleaning. A clean facility means happy employees, satisfied guests, and more business. Understanding when to spot clean and when to deep clean can be the hardest part in nailing down your carpet cleaning schedule, and many facility managers are concerned with not deep cleaning often enough. Finding the right carpet cleaning routine does not have to be a game of trial and error – connecting with a professional cleaning company like Partner Facility Solutions will get your facility on the right track. A carpet cleaning expert will be able to pinpoint the perfect schedule, get the job done efficiently, and leave you with results that exceed your expectations. Your facility’s carpet can never be “too clean.”

About Partner Facility Solutions

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