The Benefits of Commercial Day Porter Services

May 4, 2022

Commercial day porters are the behind-the-scenes heroes of every commercial facility. They are responsible for the daytime cleaning of your commercial facility, and their job duties are quite expansive. Most facilities employ the use of an outside contractor to handle their day porter needs, and finding the right day porter team for your facility can be tough. If you are unsure about whether you could benefit from commercial day porter services, read on to get a clear understanding of all the benefits of having a dedicated day porter service in your facility.

Day Porter Services

Day porters handle the routine cleaning and daily maintenance of facilities, keeping them clean and ready to go for clients and staff alike. Commercial day porter services can handle a variety of daily cleaning needs such as:

  • Lobby management
  • Restroom management
  • Restroom restocking
  • Trash maintenance
  • Event setup/tear down
  • Spot mopping
  • Cafeteria management
  • Cafeteria restocking
  • Waiting room maintenance

Commercial day porter services are the backbone of keeping a clean facility and ensure that cleanliness standards are upheld throughout the day. A commercial day porter service can handle all or just a portion of your daily cleaning needs, and they have the training and processes to bring you a consistent and cohesive clean. Commercial day porter services guarantee that your facilities are stocked and ready to go when needed and manage any potential disruptions or messes that could hinder overall facility operations for guests and staff.

Benefits of Commercial Day Porter Services

Commercial day porter services are the key to maximizing your facility’s cleanliness and appearance, and they are the glue that holds your day-to-day operations together. Commercial day porters can benefit your facility tenfold, and they do so beyond just cleaning and janitorial services. A commercial day porter service not only manages your facility’s daily cleaning needs, but they also serve as an additional set of eyes to support your day-to-day operations. Day porters typically freely roam facilities or are assigned a specific station or section, and because of this they work as an extra set of supervision and assistance for your guests and staff by default. Because day porters are a readily accessible staff member for patrons of any facility, they often become one of the prime customer service fronts. Commercial day porter services can benefit your facility immensely beyond cleaning and janitorial duties by contributing to:

  • Security coverage
  • Customer service support
  • Traffic control

While the specific duties of cleaning and facility maintenance that are agreed upon by you and your day porter team are the top priority, their presence throughout your facility results in many benefits. Their presence throughout, and often in more private spaces – such as restrooms or hallways – results in increased visibility for your security team and an extra set of eyes to witness and call attention to any potential or ongoing security concerns. Likewise, their presence lends support when it comes to the overall customer service operations throughout your facility. Commercial day porter services are often easily accessible for guests to ask basic questions that cover directions, starting times, and other general needs, which helps maintain the overall flow of operations for your guests and staff. Similarly, a commercial day porter is highly skilled in the management and cleaning of moment’s notice disruptions, making them incredibly helpful when it comes to traffic control and overall crowd management. Commercial day porter services consist of experienced teams that are highly trained when it comes to operating in crowded, fast-paced facilities, something that proves incredibly beneficial throughout facilities in every industry. Whether you need restroom maintenance, event management support, general janitorial services, or all of the above, a commercial day porter service can provide you with custom tailored services that meet all of your facility’s needs.

Choosing the Right Commercial Day Porter Services

When selecting a commercial day porter service for your facility, you will want to closely analyze your current daytime facility needs and pinpoint exactly what duties you would like them to cover. Most commercial day porter services are well equipped to handle all general day porter and janitorial duties, and many also offer specialized services for specific targeted industries such as food production or medical facilities. To get the most out of your commercial day porter services, establish a clear set of duties and compile them into a checklist for the cleaning team. Additionally, you will want to dive deep to determine a schedule for your day porter services. Some tasks may need to be done hourly, while some will only need to be conducted once daily, likewise some facilities require general “emergency” services from their day porter team to cover last minute or unpredictable cleaning needs.

When choosing the right commercial day porter service for your facility you will want to compare your cleaning needs with their service offerings and determine whether they can meet your needs! When in doubt, contact a professional and get set up with a consultation to determine how a commercial day porter service can benefit your facility.

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