The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

July 21, 2022

Every facility has windows, and whether your windows are on the ground floor or two stories high, the benefits of commercial window cleaning will leave your windows so clear it’s like they are not even there. The windows to your facility are major targets for fingerprints, water stains, and debris build-up, and when they are not looking their best, it can result in a negative image for your facility and business. Large scale window cleaning is tough and trying to do it on your own results in frustration and streaked windows, but commercial window cleaners have the tools and methods needed to leave your windows spotless.

Safety When Cleaning Your Facility’s Windows

No matter what type of facility you operate, one of the benefits of commercial window cleaning services is they will boost your company’s image. However, it is important to understand the necessary safety precautions that should be followed when cleaning is being conducted. For large scale facilities that have windows that must be cleaned using a ladder or lift equipment, having a commercial window cleaning company take care of the service, rather than having internal maintenance staff handle it, will save you time and money. The risks when cleaning tall facility windows are obvious, and professionals have the right training and tools needed to complete the job thoroughly and safely.

Weather Complicates Commercial Window Cleaning

Chances are you have had to clean a window or two yourself, which means you know how painstaking it can be to achieve completely streak free, crystal-clear results. Commercial window cleaners have undergone through training in the best practices and have the tools required to deliver precise results that are perfect every time. Because they are the eyes into your business, you should conduct facility window cleaning on a weekly – or even daily – basis, depending on how much traffic your facility sees. Additionally, your window cleaning schedule should adapt to accommodate the weather, which can significantly impact the appearance and buildup on your windows. Similarly, you should conduct a deep clean and treatment of your windows at least once a year to achieve stunning window shine year-round with ease.

The seasons affect when and how often you should conduct facility window cleaning, but they can also affect how your windows should be cleaned. In the cold winter months, window cleaning can be challenging because the cold weather makes the glass more susceptible to breaking, and is more likely to have a streaked appearance when cleaned. In near freezing temperatures, using warm or hot water, or even a warm window cleaning solution can cause your facility’s windows to crack, resulting in costly repairs. Likewise, due to the condensation and cold temperatures, even if you were to use cold water and chemicals you would end up with windows that have significant streaking – making your efforts pointless. Because of this, it is recommended that you avoid window cleaning when the temperatures are near or below freezing. Commercial window cleaners, however, will have the best practices for temperature sensitive window cleaning, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your windows.

Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits: Getting the Tough Spots

Another one of the benefits of commercial window cleaning services for your facility also guarantees that the toughest buildup and hard water spots are taken care of. Whether it is caused by the weather, sprinklers, or some other source, getting hard water stains off windows is no easy feat. Because the buildup cannot be remedied with simple window cleaning solutions, and instead requires special treatment using an acid-based cleaner that can cut through the calcium and mineral water buildup, hard water stains are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to commercial facility windows. Commercial window cleaners have the right cleaning chemicals and tools needed to remove these stains with ease, and can also apply treatment to your windows that prevents future buildup from occurring on a wide scale, protecting the integrity and appearance of your windows.

What is the Difference?

At the end of the day, the task of keeping your facility windows clean is not only one of the most daunting tasks, but it can also be one of the hardest cleaning tasks to conduct due to how difficult it can be to achieve a streak-free, flawless window – especially exterior windows. Instead of taking up your staffs’ time to diligently clean windows each day, hiring a commercial window cleaning professional can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. Instead of having to hunt down all the necessary supplies and training your staff on how to perfectly clean your facility’s windows, you can hire a professional firm that has the tried-and-true process for crystal-clear windows mastered. Not only will they save you money and take the stress off your staff members, but commercial window cleaning services also leave you with more precise and long-lasting results due to the high-quality products and practices used.

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