Top Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Every School Staff Needs

August 15, 2022

As everyone heads back to school, all of the hard work and deep cleaning conducted throughout the summer is quickly undone. However, equipping your school with essential janitorial supplies and equipment can make keeping up throughout the school year much more manageable.

Floor Cleaning Essentials

The floors of school buildings see a lot of wear and tear, whether it be the desks moving around, muddy shoes from recess, or chewed up gum, the possibilities are endless for what school floors see daily. Having the right janitorial supplies and equipment to tackle any mess is essential to keeping your school clean, especially when it comes to the floors. For starters, every room should be equipped with a broom and dustpan to take care of day-to-day dust and debris to avoid buildup. However, all schools should have more than one mopping system that can be used to take care of the deeper spills and stains that require more attention. How often your school’s floors require mopping will vary depending on the campus, age groups being taught, and the weather. During the months where rain and winter storms bring plenty of mud, slush, and grime, you are going to need your janitorial supplies more often, whereas the warmer, more temperate months can typically be managed with routine sweeping. As for the more stubborn spots such as chewed gum and stickers, it is suggested that janitorial staff should be equipped with floor scrapers to address the things that cannot be mopped or swept up. In addition to the floor janitorial supplies themselves, all schools should be equipped with safety and precaution tools such as wet floor signs and non-slip mats for entrances and exits.

Sanitizing Systems

Sanitizing school surfaces is essential to the health and safety of staff, students, and guests. However, the janitorial supplies being used to sanitize must be handled properly to avoid potential harmful exposure to students and staff. School facilities not only include the classrooms and hallways, but also restrooms and food preparation (and serving) areas, which means they require strict sanitization daily. It is recommended that all schools always keep sanitization janitorial supplies on hand, including sanitizing chemicals, steam sanitizing tools, and more than enough microfiber cloths to cover all facility surfaces. Depending on the schedule of your school, ideally facilities such as restrooms and cafeterias should be serviced multiple times a day to stay clean, orderly, and hygienic.

Garbage Services

One of the most overlooked janitorial duties within a school is the maintenance and management of garbage in and around the facility. Essential garbage janitorial supplies include trash bins and pick-up sticks that make garbage collection far easier and more hygienic for janitorial staff. Staying on top of the garbage situation within your school can make a world of a difference when it comes to the overall look and feel of the campus. Having the right tools needed to handle the job makes the difference between overflowing garbage bins and a spotless campus.

Hire Help

Handling the janitorial needs for your school campus can be overwhelming, which is why hiring the help of a professional janitorial service can make a world of a difference. Not only are professionals well versed in the best practices and essentials when it comes to cleaning, but they are also equipped with the best, most efficient janitorial supplies on the market. A professional janitorial service like Partner Solutions will work around your operating hours to ensure that classrooms, play-equipment, restrooms, cafeterias, and office facilities are in order and ready to go for the traffic of the day.

About Partner Solutions Facility Services

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