How Often Should You Clean Office Windows?

September 9, 2022

Knowing the best time for cleaning office windows can be tricky, but ultimately it depends on the traffic and everyday conditions of your facility. For those of us in the New England area, we must take into consideration the different seasons, because the frequency of your office window cleaning may vary with the weather conditions. There are many other factors that contribute to your office window cleaning needs, and the way to know the best routine is to have a professional commercial window cleaner give you a quote. The windows are the eyes into your business, and first impressions are everything – having clean office windows boosts the overall visual appeal of your facility and creates a clean, polished workplace for your staff and guests.

Cleaning Office Windows: Placement

The placement of your office windows plays a big role in how often they need to be cleaned. Windows that are on the ground level, particularly ones lining walkways or entrances, typically require more frequent cleaning than windows that are higher than the ground level. Likewise, windows that are next to doors and doors that are made of glass typically need to be cleaned every day due to their placement in a high-flow, easy-access location. Conducting office window cleaning on ground floor windows should be done at least once a week to maintain a clean, polished appearance. Windows that are located higher than the ground floor that are not accessible via patio, balcony, or walkway do not need to be cleaned as often. These types of windows can typically be cleaned every two to four weeks, depending on your facility preferences.

Cleaning Office Windows: Traffic Flow

One of the other factors that can influence how often you should conduct office window cleaning is the traffic flow and patterns of your workplace. Windows placed in high traffic areas by nature need to be cleaned more often than windows that are not in the line of traffic for people and animals alike. Windows in high traffic areas need to be cleaned every week, and if you find that certain windows are looking dingy and dusty by the halfway mark, that could be a good indicator that you need to boost the frequency of your office window cleaning. You may also find that the interior of your ground level office windows may need to be cleaned twice a week as well, depending on the layout and habits of your office traffic flows.

Cleaning Office Windows: Weather

The weather is one of the most important factors that determine how often you need to conduct office window cleaning. When temperatures are near or below freezing, it is recommended that you avoid cleaning your office windows to avoid shattering the glass or leaving streaked results. During the summer and spring seasons, when there is an increase in dust, pollen, debris, and more, you should consider conducting office window cleaning at least once a week.

Routine Cleaning is the Way to Go

Regardless of what type of office building you own or oversee; you must establish an office window cleaning schedule that is tailored to your facility’s needs. It can be challenging to know exactly where to start, and how to establish a window cleaning routine, which is why many office managers hire the help of a professional commercial cleaner. A professional window cleaner has the experience and knowledge to establish an office window cleaning schedule that works for your facility, and keeps your windows looking crisp, clean, and barely there at all times. Having clean windows boosts your office space’s appearance, and gives employees, guests, and customers an excellent first impression.

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