Robots that Revolutionize Automated Cleaning Technology

January 11, 2023

Automated cleaning technology is becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to commercial cleaning. With many different challenges affecting the workforce it can be hard to get the essential facility operations done, getting maintenance and cleaning done is almost out of the question for many managers. Utilizing cleaning technology can revolutionize how you keep your facility clean and managed, without interrupting your operations.

Automated Vacuum Technology

Automated vacuums are one of the most useful pieces of cleaning technology to hit the market. This equipment uses advanced GPS software that uses sensors and imaging to map out your facility. It can clean your facility on its own, fully hands-free. SoftBank developed a robotic janitor that specializes in vacuuming facilities. Their version of janitorial robots can vacuum 1,500 square meters in just three hours, and have been programed to dodge obstacles that may be in the way while the automated cleaning robot is running. Having commercial cleaning robot technology will make day-to-day vacuuming much easier for facility managers and cleaning staff. You can run your machine after hours to ensure dirt, debris, and clutter from the day are taken care of before your doors open the next morning. Even better, you do not have to have a person stay after-hours to conduct this work. You can run your robot vacuum when it is best for your operations, ensuring your facility is always looking tidy and clean, without disrupting operations.

Automated Floor Cleaning Technology

Automated cleaning technology has also expanded into mopping and floor scrubbing. Once you run your automated vacuum, you can run your automated floor scrubber – giving your facility the full floor cleaning treatment. Like its vacuuming counterpart, floor cleaning technology uses GPS software that maps out your facility to create a route that it cleans. Many models come with a dock that they return to when they are done running, automatically recharging and resetting itself for the next “shift.” Floor scrubbers are an incredibly useful piece of cleaning technology, and many facility owners rely on them for their day-to-day floor cleaning and deep cleaning.

Benefits of Automated Cleaning Technology

There are many benefits to integrating cleaning technology into your facilities routines. The automated capabilities make cleaning your facility stress free, freeing up your time to manage your workplace and operations. Automated cleaning technology works around your needs and goals, and can run before or after hours, or even midday for urgent clean-ups. You also do not have to fill an overnight cleaning position or worry about staff callouts leaving your facility unkept and messy. Automating your facility janitorial operations with cleaning technology will ensure your facility is always clean, safe, and pleasant to visit.

Automated Cleaning: The Right Choice

One thing is for certain: you cannot go wrong with automated cleaning technology. A clean facility means happy employees, satisfied guests, and more business. With automated cleaning technology, it becomes much easier to keep your facility clean consistently. Facility managers no longer have to worry about when they are going to get the job done. To take an extra load of stress off, you can also hire a commercial cleaning company to manage your cleaning technology and take care of the tasks that cannot be automated, such as window cleaning. Your facility can never be too clean and combining the attention to detail and hands-on work of a professional cleaner with automated cleaning technology will ensure your facility is always in top condition. Commercial cleaners like Partner Facility Solutions will know exactly what cleaning technology to use and will have the background and training to get the most out of the equipment. Connect with them today to rethink your facility’s cleaning routine. 

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