Your Guide to Cleaning Commercial Gyms and Equipment

September 19, 2022

interior of commercial gym facilityAs an owner or operator of a commercial gym, you know just how difficult it can be to consistently keep your facility clean. Between the different machinery, free weights, extra equipment, office spaces, and restroom and locker room facilities it can be difficult knowing where to start and how to maintain the entire gym’s cleanliness. To guarantee the best results, it is suggested that gym facilities contract the help of a professional cleaning company. But if you are looking to get the job done on your own, we have all the tips you need for cleaning commercial gyms with an effective routine.

Cleaning Commercial Gyms: Workout Equipment

The workout equipment is the entire reason your guests come to your gym, and they see their fair share of wear and tear every day. Gyms are a hotspot for germs and buildup from sweat, hygiene products, hair, and more, which means that commercial gym cleaning should be conducted at least once a day especially when it comes to the machinery and workout equipment throughout the gym.

Most gym equipment has some sort protective layering or material that makes them easier to grip, hold, and navigate which means you should avoid using alcohol-based cleaners and cleaning solutions intended for windows as they can damage and corrode protective coatings and rubber. We suggest using a store-bought disinfectant solution, or you can use a solution of distilled white vinegar mixed with warm water. You should spray down each and every machine, bench, rack, weight, and surface in the gym. Anywhere guests may have sat, stood, stretched, walked, etc. should be cleaned at least once a day. By now, most commercial gyms have pre-moistened disinfectant wipes or disposal towels and a spray disinfectant available for guests to wipe down their equipment before/after use, with many posting signs to their guests that it is a requirement that they wipe down equipment after themselves. However, as a responsible facility owner or operator, you should make sure a complete commercial gym cleaning routine is done each day.

Cleaning Commercial Gyms: Keeping Your Floor Tidy

Your gym most likely has finished concrete, laminate, or tile covering its floors – some of your sections may even be covered in permanent rubber material mats that are intended to give the floor cushion for weightlifting activities. The flooring in your gym likely varies from space to space, so you need to make sure that you are cleaning each one properly. Once you know how to properly clean each floor type, you should determine what your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly floor care tasks are going to be. Because gym floors are susceptible to everything from sports drink and protein shake spills, to shower water runoff, and even blood, sweat, and tears – your commercial gym cleaning routine should include daily floor sanitization. This can be done by mopping or steaming your flooring, depending on what material you have in the space. Having clean floors not only improves the health and appearance of your gym, but also keeps your guests and staff safe by making sure the floors are clear and not wet or otherwise dangerous.

Cleaning Commercial Gyms: Check-in Areas and Offices

The check-in areas are the first thing your guests see when entering your gym, and you want to make sure that you are leaving a positive impression every time they visit. You should make sure to disinfect your countertops and check-in equipment such as pin pads, scanners, and fingerprint tools every day. You should also make sure that your windows stay clean, and the entryway is clear of garbage or debris. Employees are happier and much more productive when they have a clean, clutter-free space to work, which is why you should treat your check-in areas and office spaces just as well as you do the rest of your gym. Not skimping when it comes to maintaining your office spaces and check-in desks in your commercial gym cleaning routine can also boost the overall health and safety of your gym by stopping the spread of germs before they can be tracked throughout your facility.

Cleaning Commercial Gyms: Restrooms and Locker Rooms

The restrooms and locker room facilities in your gym are one of the main areas that need extra attention while conducting your commercial gym cleaning and should be cleaned at least twice a day to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your guests and staff. Most gyms have restroom facilities, as well as locker rooms that have shower facilities available, and it is recommended that you establish an hourly or bi-hourly check-in, in which your staff enters the restroom and verifies that it is clean and fully stocked and must then sign off on an inspection checklist.

When it comes to the restroom side of the area, you should ensure that all countertops, stalls, doors, handles, toilets, floors, and hand-drying equipment are sanitized frequently. You should also ensure that all soap dispensers and paper products are always stocked to encourage proper restroom hygiene and stopping the spread of germs and bacteria before they leave the restroom.

For the shower side of your gym’s locker rooms, you should ensure that all drains remain clear, all doors and curtains are in working order, and that all surfaces are disinfected regularly. In shower spaces, make sure you disinfect all countertops, shower chairs, handles, spouts, walkways, mats, and more. Any surface that someone may have touched or need to touch should be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected.

Keep Your Guests and Staff Healthy

Gyms are essential in the daily routines of so many people and the equipment and facilities within commercial gyms see any and everything you could imagine. To promote the healthy, safe environment that everyone looks for in a gym, you should establish a consistent commercial gym cleaning routine. Your commercial gym cleaning will consist of many different components, and requires dedication to consistency and thoroughness to be effective. Gyms see so many visitors a day, who are all working out, sweating, showering, and more in the same spaces. The best way to ensure that the job is getting done right is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to handle your gym cleaning needs. Professional cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to conduct your commercial gym cleaning to perfection, taking the stress off your back and giving your staff and guests peace of mind while there.

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