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Your Guide to Cleaning Commercial Gyms and Equipment

As an owner or operator of a commercial gym, you know just how difficult it can be to consistently keep your facility clean. Between the different machinery, free weights, extra equipment, office spaces, and restroom and locker room facilities it can be difficult knowing where to start and how to maintain the entire gym’s cleanliness. […]

Written by on September 19, 2022

How Often Should You Clean Office Windows?

Knowing the best time for cleaning office windows can be tricky, but ultimately it depends on the traffic and everyday conditions of your facility. For those of us in the New England area, we must take into consideration the different seasons, because the frequency of your office window cleaning may vary with the weather conditions. […]

Written by on September 9, 2022

Top Janitorial Supplies and Equipment Every School Staff Needs

As everyone heads back to school, all of the hard work and deep cleaning conducted throughout the summer is quickly undone. However, equipping your school with essential janitorial supplies and equipment can make keeping up throughout the school year much more manageable. Floor Cleaning Essentials The floors of school buildings see a lot of wear […]

Written by on August 15, 2022

What to Look for in a Janitorial Service Provider

Hiring a janitorial service provider for your facility is one of the best investments you can for your business. First impressions are everything and having a dedicated janitorial service for your facility ensures that your space stays clean, orderly, hygienic, and in full operating order at all times for your staff and customers alike. Janitorial […]

Written by on August 12, 2022

The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Every facility has windows, and whether your windows are on the ground floor or two stories high, the benefits of commercial window cleaning will leave your windows so clear it’s like they are not even there. The windows to your facility are major targets for fingerprints, water stains, and debris build-up, and when they are […]

Written by on July 21, 2022

Top Surfaces to Disinfect in Your Workplace

There is a distinct difference between cleaning and disinfecting, with the latter being the most thorough of the two. Workplaces see high traffic throughout the day from many different people, and that means a combination of varying germs, waste, and debris is accumulated throughout the facility every day. Daily cleaning is important to maintaining the […]

Written by on July 18, 2022

Floor Cleaning Tips for Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Being able to take your furry friend on the go is something dog owners love to do, and more and more workplaces are becoming increasingly dog-friendly. Although dogs are cute and cuddly, man’s best friend can also get incredibly dirty, and bring that mess indoors with them! If your workplace is dog-friendly, or maybe you […]

Written by on June 30, 2022

4 Tips for Cleaning Schools Over Summer Break

For children and teachers, Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the fact that there is no school for the next few months. However, for the janitorial and maintenance staff, Summer is the time to deep clean the classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and every area of the campus. Although schools have janitors and maintenance staff […]

Written by on June 10, 2022

The New Era of Restaurant Cleaning and Hygiene

The COVID-19 pandemic caused everyone to reconsider how they clean, resulting in increased cleaning and sanitization standards across every industry. The restaurant industry has been no exception, and restaurant owners and management have had to completely rethink how they conduct their cleaning and hygiene practices. Customers have always been concerned with the cleanliness of the […]

Written by on May 19, 2022

The Benefits of Commercial Day Porter Services

Commercial day porters are the behind-the-scenes heroes of every commercial facility. They are responsible for the daytime cleaning of your commercial facility, and their job duties are quite expansive. Most facilities employ the use of an outside contractor to handle their day porter needs, and finding the right day porter team for your facility can […]

Written by on May 4, 2022